submission guidelines

Carta Bianca is an online gallery, bringing together creative designs for international business stationery. Whether you are a designer, business owner, or freelancer, feel free to submit your own business stationery, such as your business cards, invitations to your events, etc.

Dear creative members, 
Please do not submit your client's business stationery.
(It would be great if you could tell your clients to register and submit directly their own business stationery.)

As a first step, please submit your business card, letterheads, envelopes, etc.
Other stationary ideas: event invitations, thank you notes, greeting cards and more
Please do not submit your products for sales purposes.

tips for taking a photograph

Be creative! Beautiful images will catch viewers’ eyes.
You can submit three photographic images for each design.
Describe each design in as much detail as possible.

guidelines for submitting designs

*Because all submitted designs are printed on paper, please be careful about copyrights.  Do not submit a design without the permission of its owner. Please read our terms of use here

*If you do not wish to disclose private information that is shown on your design, it is your responsibility to please modify the image. (Carta Bianca will not modify your image.)

*We accept submissions that are in the following formats.  Double check that
your file has been saved in one of the standard formats listed below:

Please note that PDF files are not accepted. 

*Please note: if the design is not appropriate for the Carta Bianca website, we may decide to delete it.
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