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Frenchman Daniel Jasiak is a clothing designer, photographer, and art director.  
At 46 years of age, his path has wound through a stop-and-go education, 
with years of apprenticeship complemented by studies at Ecole des Beaux Art de Tourcoing and Ecole des Arts Decoratifs de Paris.  
His first apparel collections came between 1984 and 2006, and he has been a creative consultant since 1998.  
Much of his inspiration comes from many years living in Japan and working with international apparel companies.  
He now lives in Paris where he creates Daniel Jasiak brand apparel in his personal atelier. 

Of his many creative outlets, Daniel’s elegantly simple business stationery may best embody his aesthetic.  
As seen on Carta Bianca, Daniel utilizes ink-saturated, handmade paper and crisp, 
unfussy graphic design to communicate his style – a complement of Western Europe and Eastern Asia.  
We wanted to find out more about the origins of his inspiration:*

*The following interview is for a Japanese website with questions given in English and answers partially translated from the French.  
We hope you will grant us some language leniency!

Carta Bianca: Before we ask you about paper and your business stationery, we would love to learn about you and your business. 
What is the brand concept for your business?
Daniel Jasiak:  All about small production and intimacy + silhouettes are draped, the volumes uncertain, 
enveloping the body, between protection and ethnic reappearance. 
This results in an extremely delicate image, both poetical, hand-made.

CB: Thank you. Next, please let us know about paper and your business stationery. 
How do you use your stationery in conducting business? Have your clients ever complimented your work?  
We’d like to know any great examples or stories.
DJ: I use papers a lot for my work.  It’s extremely important as the fabric... 
The culture of paper in France is less important compared to Japan so it’s always a great moment to see and hear clients 
-- the surprise with the paper -- clients are very happy when they feel it, even sniff it.

CB: We love your business cards you uploaded on Carta Bianca, especially the vermillion and navy color cards. 
Could you tell us why you made these business cards? 
Did you have a special meaning of making two different colors (vermillion/navy) for the card?
DJ: First I really loved the poetical ethos of the stationery designers, and they had my colors & paper.  
I did not know how to set up my new needs being in a time of career change... 
I felt very close to them and their proposal pasted really well with my desire. 
The method, looks, the proposal are often unique to the paper and the visual aspect.  
There is a unique know-how to making something professional like this.

CB: What does the business stationery (ex. business cards, letter heads) mean to you and your brand?
DJ: It's like a small precious note, a sign of confidence and sharing. 
That piece of paper can say something about you and your vision, 
something personal as an agreement for the continuation of a relationship.

CB: When you hear the word "paper," what kind of paper stuff comes to mind
 (ex. origami, gift tags, letter, stamp, bill etc...)?
DJ:  First, I remember French fries in the newsprint when I was child.
Fat fingers mixing with the ink on the paper and the smell of it.  One would hold their cone steady to read. 
And we’d wait until the paper dried and then turn it into something else.
Second, I recall the smell of the paper from a small workshop I took producing crude cardboard boxes out of kraft paper.
There was a great difference for me between the smell of the sheets of kraft paper and the smell of the boxes. 

CB: Are you a paper or an ink person?  Please tell us why.
DJ:  Both.   I collect a lot of paper, all kind of paper and inks (unfortunately this is rare to find it).  
I love the idea of fingerprint-erasures that accumulates inks on paper the design of writing on paper... 
When the fingerprint goes on paper, something new arrives.  

CB: Please tell us more about your life. What do you like to do on weekends?
JD: I don’t have real weekends. I love to be in my workplace and make my stuff.

CB: Do you collect anything?
JD:  Hum I’m crazy.  I am an obsessive person so yes.  

CB: What exactly do you collect? Could you give us example such as pens, chopsticks etc. 
JD: Great to ask this.  I collect paper, pens, fabrics,  piece of colors,  pictures,  newspaper,  music, 
shoes, scissors, boxes, kitchen and bath linens, handkerchiefs, muji clocks, muji notebooks... 
big boxes of  W&W card postcards,  yes yes yes... navy shirts, navy backpacks, paper bags,  paper  candles, 
old Japanese Ai fabrics... and more if you need ask!  
CB: When are you most relaxed?
JD: Actually, I am always in tension... I love action... making stuff... really this is real soothing.

CB: What kind & color of shirt are you wearing today?
JD: Navy tie-died striped v-neck.

CB: What is the most essential tool you use?
JD: My notebooks.  3 (different) sizes by Smythson and Muji. 
And my Pen = Pilot super-GP1.6 navy red black from Japan 

CB:  What is on your desk right now?
JD:  Candle, pen, chocolate, + iPhone

CB: What are your business plans for the next 5 years?  What are your long term plans?  
JD: I don’t have any plans.  My work goes on it is a long term passion.  
Never was in a business to be in business you know.  
I’m a creative person true to my research... I have no other recourse than to create and... 
be always listening in my research (for) A desire to make more & more. 

CB: Lastly, describe yourself in three words.
JD: Hopeful, Lost, Curious

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