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Joaquim Branchadell is the founder, copartner and Executive Creative Director of the creative media company, Evil Love, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. 
He is very curious and a little bit nerdy... in the best sense of the word. Born in 1977 in Barcelona, he had his first computer at age of 8 in the mid-1980s. 
He studied at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and founded Evil Love in 2004 which has since grown up and added new partners. 
His daily work in the digital world attracts him to the physical, almost exotic use of paper in the world-at-large. As seen in his postings for Carta Bianca, 
he also has a special interest in the arts of using inks, stamps, stickers, and postage to further enhance his stationery.

Carta Bianca: Before we ask you about your stationery, we'd like to know more about you and your business. 
What is it that you do? And what does it mean to be "evil"?
Joahquim Branchadell: We're a creative crossmedia advertising agency. We work on ideas for our customers to meet their aims. 
Not always fun, but it's what we do. 
We also like to develop our own projects that we call "Unexpected Projects" like video clips, serigraphies, events... Evil by itself doesn't mean nothing. 
It's the combination with the Love when it makes sense. Both parts, yin and yang of our personality... As our claim
says: The evil company loves you.

CB: In what ways is your branding conveyed through your stationery?  
What do the colors, paper, & designs tell about your business’s identity?
JB: There's a strange concept in Catholic culture called sacred heart. 
It talks about illumination from God to, for example, Jesus and Mary, with His misericordia. 
Well, we're not Catholic, but we loved that idea of inspiration. 
Red is the color of passion. Mix it with the company's name and you have our identity. 
I’ve to confess, also, since I was a child I've loved things in red...

CB: How do you use your stationery in conducting business? 
Can you tell us any stories about your clients' responding to your stationery?
JB: Our new stationery is half "evil" half "love". You can see we have "Today I'm evil" and "Today I love". 
Our clients always try to make sense of the kind of envelope they receive in the mail and what there is inside.
Sincerely, there's nothing... For us is a game we want to play in the mind of the audience. What do you think about it?

CB: Your business cards are a really interesting use of materials 
--please describe the paper and your use of stickers?
JB: A sticker is a magical thing. It's a small piece of paper you can stick to anything and, suddenly it belongs to you. We loved that idea. 
We were looking for some paper that can last for a long time so we got a very simple 300gr plastified paper. 
The most important thing was the sticker. It's hand-sticked, so, we needed something you can stick in any positions. That's why it's rounded.

CB: When you hear the word "paper", what comes to mind (ex. origami, letters, stamps, bills, etc.).
JB: I think about something personal between two people. I remember the postcards from my grandpa to my mum. 
I remember the smell of the ink the first time I was at the printer... 
For me, paper is a luxury, something expensive from nature that has to be loved and used with respect.

CB: Are you a paper or ink person? Do you have a favorite paper or ink?
JB: I belong to the first online generation. So, I love paper in the way it's an strange and magical thing, imprecise... Imperfections make it perfect. 
I love mobile type machines. It mixes something physical, a stamping method, and an ink print.

CB: Tell us more about your life. What do you do on weekends?
JB: I love to go to the market and talk to the people there. 
On Sundays, when the sun allow us to do it, I have a vermouth with some friends on a terrace. 
Simple things make me relax.

CB: What are you totally crazy for?  Do you collect anything?
JB: Ummm... I tried to collect a lot of things, but I never succeed on it. 
I change my mind too fast about what to collect. Maybe contemporary furniture and lamps.

CB: What is on your desk right now?
JB: From left to right: A hard drive, A Fase lamp, the phone, a dirty cup of coffee, one magazine (Archive), a notebook, papers, 
2 Kilo by Kesselskrammer, postcards by Mr Bingo, my Lumix GF1 bought in Tokyo, a rubber stamp ("In Post We Trust"), more papers, 
Guidelines for Online Success by the FWA, more papers, an ashtray, my iPhone, sunglasses, a Zippo.
In front of me, my MacBook laptop. Just in the left side, a turntable and a few LPs. At last, a big mess...

CB: What is the most essential tool you use?
JB: Internet, the laptop, a piece of paper and something to sketch my ideas.

CB: If you had to create a new, totally different brand identity for your business, what would you do?
JB: We'd commit suicide, probably...

CB: Describe yourself in three words.
JB: Curious observer thinker

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