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*What is Carta Bianca?
Carta Bianca is an online art gallery featuring business stationery printed on paper. On our website, you can enjoy viewing a variety of creatively designed business stationery  from all over the world.

*Is this free?
Yes, registration with our online gallery is absolutely free. However, some online events or workshops will have optional fees for participation.

*Can I access the website from my mobile phone?
For smartphone users, we have a mobile version of our website, so you can enjoy Carta Bianca on your cellphones. However, please note that it is not possible to submit designs, edit your profile, and apply for events through the mobile version.

registration and logging in

*I forgot my password.
Please click “forgot my password” under the “log in” icon, and submit your email address. We will send you an email with the link to reset the password.

*Can I change my password?
Yes. To change your password, please go to “edit profile” and update your information.

*Is it necessary to register all the information on my profile?
No. If there is some information that you do not wish to reveal, you can skip that section. Please register only the information that you would like to show to everyone.

*I don’t want to show my profile. Is this possible?
Any profile information entered by you will be disclosed to everyone. So, if you do not want to show your profile, do not enter any profile information.

*How can I connect to Twitter and Facebook?
When you click the “connect to Twitter/Facebook” icon, a link will appear next to your account name. You can leave your comments about Carta Bianca on Twitter timelines, and use the “like it” and “share” functions on Facebook.

*I'm having trouble uploading my submission.
We accept submissions that are in the following formats.  Double check that your file has been saved in one of the standard formats listed below:
Please note that PDF files are not accepted.

about the website

*I’ve found inappropriate designs among the Carta Bianca designs...
Please let us know about this by completing the form below:
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