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Born in 1982, Singapore, Rheea has a deep passion for Art and Music since young. At the age of three, this petite girl started by doodling on the wall of her room. She however learned the hard way that walls at home are not the right place to display her creative flair. Growing up in an introvert shell, she turned to the canvas for expression of her emotions and to music for motivation. Besides being an artist and designer, Rheea proudly claims to be an Indigo child, a humanitarian and animal lover. She is also the small girl with BIG dreams.

The world of Rheea is divided in two parts - a whimsical side and a contemplative one. Her inspiration comes from fairytales, music, movies, nature and her childhood.

For more info about Rheea, pls visit her website at, or more frequent updates on her blog, May you share the simple pleasure she finds in her works.

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Dollgift is a harmonic fusion of Art, Love and Simple Joy.~
your philosophy about "paper and design"
Dollgift reveals the childlike side of Rheea. The ‘doll’ refers to the little girl, Nina, in her drawings. She is imaginative, unpredictable and full of dreams. Oh, be sure to look out for her beloved Dashund boy, Nono, in many of the drawings as well. Since music plays an important role in Rheea's life, it is one of the main themes of Dollgift.


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